Rand | ca. 2x20 m | 2011
silicone, pigments
intervention view
Gelände von Tolmien | Putlitzbrücke (Westhafen) | Berlin
within the group exhibition THE LEO BAECK SALON NR.9 (The Fine Art Issue)
23 june - 7 july 2011

Time containers

Time containers - past, present, future -
guarded by Tiresias and by blind, languid serpents.
Yellow cases wandering
between docks, ships and stockrooms
- water, salt, wind and sun -.
Roaming between space and time,
they leave greasy streaks behind, of varnish, rust, attrition.

(10th June 2011)
Guido Sirianni
transl. Alexandra Wolframm

Leo Baeck Institute

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