About me

Diana Sirianni (she) was born in Rome in 1982. She studied philosophy in Italy and fine arts at the Berlin University of the Arts. From 2010 she focused on the artistic production of spatial collages with national and international exhibitions, scholarships, prizes and in collaboration with various art galleries. Since 2016, her work has expanded into an experimental, collaborative, social practice. Sociological impulses, dance improvisation and somatics as well as the completion of three trainings (body-based coaching, re-evaluation counseling and art education) have contributed to this. In addition to realizing performative interventions in public space, she has developed the platform Womxn Making Art in Public Space with the dance teacher Susanne Rosenbohm and a workshop format for artists with the dancer Naama Ityel and the performer Jolika Sudermann-van den Berg, which has been offered in the independent art scene and in German art academies. In 2021, she began a practice-based Ph.D. at the Bauhaus University in Weimar with the provisional title "Roots, Roads & Rainbows. Aesthetics of care and care of the self in art communities". Diana works as an artist, coach and workshop facilitator.

20212021 Photo: Mike O’Connor