Performing Art School
Diana Sirianni & Jolika Sudermann-van den Berg

Every class in school is a performative situation in which a "performance of knowledge" is staged. To fully grasp this performativity, as learners and teachers we cannot look from the outside: we are part of the choreography of academia. How can we reflect it and become aware of the ways in which we (want to) participate in it? This workshop aims to explore the level of the encounter and its potential: the group process, which is at the core of every learning situation and is often underestimated. Alongside of the intellectual analysis we will use our feelings and our bodies as a tool for finding orientation. With a view to social somatics and performance philosophy, using active listening and improvisation exercises from dance and theater, we will connect with ourselves, with the other participants and the space, situating and contextualizing ourselves in a pleasurable and embodied way.

Bauhaus Universität Weimar, within the Seminar »Das Büfett ist eröffnet« - Von Performativität, Ko-Präsenz, Abstinenz, Emergenz und Resonanz, Elisa Rufenach-Ruthenberg, Summer Semester 2023

   Photo: Diana Sirianni