Womxn Making Art in Public Space

Womxn Making Art in Public Space is a platform created by Susanne Rosenbohm and Diana Sirianni for female* artists in Berlin's urban space.

Its focus was feminist (self)empowerment and the choreography of everyday life.

Any Womxn (FLINTA) could reach out to us with a proposal that we helped to develop, realise and document. It could be an accomplished piece or an open experimentation, and the artists had different levels of experience. The acquisition of volunteering co-performers took place through work of mouth, social media and a city leftist newsletter.

Featured works by Maiada Aboud, Jana Maria Dohmann, Stella Geppert, Zeinab Zaira Hachlaf, Naama Ityel, Ana Kavalis, Susanne Rosenbohm, Roana Salome Falkenberg, Cinzia Schincariol, Diana Sirianni, Jolika Sudermann-van den Berg, Christina Theisen, Netta Weiser, Youme Won.

Public Care Square, 2020Public Care Square, 2020 Susanne Rosenbohm Little Dance II, 2019Little Dance II, 2019 Diana Sirianni Public Beauty Oasis, 2020Public Beauty Oasis, 2020 Susanne Rosenbohm Listening Activism, 2019Listening Activism, 2019 Jolika Sudermann-van den Berg Mach Yoga Mit Uns, 2019Mach Yoga Mit Uns, 2019 Naama Ityel The Unhappy Vagina, 2020The Unhappy Vagina, 2020 Maiada Aboud Hacking Normality, 2019Hacking Normality, 2019 Susanne Rosenbohm Public Painting, 2019Public Painting, 2019 Diana Sirianni The Surface of Grief, 2020The Surface of Grief, 2020 Cinzia Schincariol Jeden Tag Einen Neuen Satz, 2019Jeden Tag Einen Neuen Satz, 2019 Youme Won, Diana Sirianni Nothing: to be done, 2019Nothing: to be done, 2019 Netta Weiser 20192019